How to Play

How to Play 1

Step 1

Choose a virtual savings plan and start saving

How to Play 2

Step 2

Motivate Jack daily

How to Play 3

Step 3

Invite your friends to motivate you

How to Play 4

Step 4

Transfer the PolicyPal Credits to your account

How to Play 6. Win attractive rewards with your PolicyPal Credits in your PolicyPal account

Step 5

Win attractive rewards with your PolicyPal Credits in your PolicyPal account

• Claim free PolicyPal Credits to start your virtual savings plan

Redeem the PolicyPal Credits from our App and start saving to help Jack grow his wealth. You can save from $1 to $100 PolicyPal Credits depending on your PolicyPal’s account (PolicyPal Credits balance). Find out how to earn more PolicyPal Credits

Savings GameGame DurationInterest RateDifficulty Level
Home Downpayment V23 Days0.5%Easy
Education Funds For Children V25 Days1%Medium
Retirement Planning V27 Days2%Hard
Start a virtual savings endowment plan.

• Motivate your character daily

Give your character motivation every 2 hours.

Plant 1
Motivate character daily for your savings endowment plan.

• Keep Jack’s motivation level up

Jack’s motivation level will drop every hour. Try to maintain a high level of motivation to get more rewards at the end of the duration of the savings plan.

Keep character motivation level up daily for your savings endowment plan.

• Invite friends to help boost your motivation drastically

Ask your friends to help you gain additional motivation to reach the next tier. Take note that you can only seek help from each friend once a day. Return the favour and visit your friends' to motivate them as well.

Invite friends to learn more about insurance through the game!

• Keep Jack’s motivation level high and watch your hard work pay off

As the savings grow, Jack will be able to further enhance his lifestyle and wealth. Help Jack build a better future.


Can I have more than one MoneyBag plan?

No, you can only have one MoneyBag plan at any time. However, you can start another plan once your current plan has ended.

How can I restart/quit the game?

Click on the gear icon at the top right corner of your profile. There is a button inside that will enable you to quit the current game. Take note that you will get a penalty of $0.01 PolicyPal Credit (P$0.01) if you quit the game prematurely.

How can I invite my friends to help?

Click on the “My Friends” icon at the bottom right corner to open your friend’s list. From there, you can share your game link using social media or directly via the friend’s list.

Why are there no contacts in my contact list?

The first time that you choose to sync the contacts, PolicyPal app will ask for permission. To enable subsequently, configure your mobile under privacy settings for PolicyPal App to allow us to access your contacts. Do note we do not store any of your contacts information.

I synced my contacts but couldn't find some of my friends

Your friends would need to update their phone number in their profile.

How many times can I motivate a friend?

You can motivate a friend one time per day. You will be able to motivate all your friends daily.

How long does it take to earn my interest?

The number of days differs in the savings plan chosen. You will be able to increase the motivation by motivating yourself or getting your friends to motivate you. You will be able to claim the interest earned upon maturity.

Will I lose my virtual savings in any way?

No, you will be guaranteed to minimally retrieve the amount you put into this game upon the end of your game session. However, take note that you will still get a minor penalty of $0.01 of your savings if you quit the game prematurely.

What can I do with the PolicyPal Credits?

Check out our Rewards page on the app to see the many ways you can use your rewards. PolicyPal Credits is PolicyPal’s loyalty program for PolicyPal’s members. You may redeem many attractive rewards through our PolicyPal app with your PolicyPal Credits.


Terms & Conditions

1. PolicyPal acknowledges and agrees that Apple and Android have no obligation to provide any maintenance and support to PolicyPal MoneyBag.

2. Only participants with a registered PolicyPal account are entitled to participate, receive and redeem their rewards and PolicyPal Credits.

3. Free $1 PolicyPal Credit (P$1.0) are first come first served basis, while stocks last. New PolicyPal Credits will be released at 12 midnight on a daily basis.

4. The game will run based on the duration of the insurance savings plan you choose.

5. The virtual savings game is not reviewed by our partners and MAS.

6. PolicyPal reserves the right to change, delete, add on to terms and conditions of the game at any time at our discretion, without prior notice.

Read the full Terms and Conditions here.

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